Higher –Order Questioning in SL classrooms –a study

Beena Anil



Higher order questioning (HOQ) benefits first language and second language learners in various ways.  Various studies prove that asking students higher order questions open many learning avenues.  Higher-order questioning (HOQ) influences the question types like test scores, amounts of language production for understanding the language abilities of students etc.,   This study examined:

  • The HOQ patterns of a  college teacher
  • The teacher’s  foundation for this pattern
  • Learners perceptions of answering  HOQ

 The study comprised nearly 400 questions, teachers and students’ interviews.  Students’ survey showed that HOQ may be effective by general theories of learning than by perceptions of learners’ abilities.

Keywords: Higher-order questioning, perceptions, practice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5750/bjll.v1i0.603