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Tait, Desiree, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth House, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
Talla, Pascaline Kengne
Tamaura, Yuki
Tan, Daphne Sze Ling
Tan-Torres, Susan
Tanenbaum, Sandra, Professor, College of Public Health, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA
Tanenbaum, Sandra
Tanner, Ann
Tapley, Amanda, Research Officer, General Practice Training Valley to Coast, Mayfield, NSW, Australia
Tardivo, Stefano
Tassinari, Mariateresa, Charity for Person centered Medicine-Moral Entity (Italy)
Tatari, Faezeh
Tatsioni, Athina, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Ioannina, GR 45110 Ioannina, Greece
Taupin, Adam
Taylor, Paul A, Nephrologist, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Taylor, Paul, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK
Teasdale, Andrew S
Teasdale, Jane
Tei-Tominaga, Maki, Professor, Kyoto Tachibana University, Faculty of Nursing, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Tejink, Joep
Teng, Ellen
Tennant, Alan
Teo, Mya Mei
Testa, Silvia, Assistant Professor of Psychometrics, Department of Psychology, University of Turin, Italy
Teunissen, GJ

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