Should children with Sickle cell disease and asthma be using paracetamol for pain relief?

Stefani Widya


Sickle cell Disease (SCD) is a genetic disorder that causes the production of abnormal red cells. This chronic disease leads to many complications such as vaso-occlusion in the lungs and blood vessels. This often leads to great pain and often paracetamol is used. However, there has been increasing significant evidence that the use of paracetamol in early life and in gestation causes an increased risk of the development of asthma in the child. Additionally, there has been evidence to show that another possible complication of SCD is the development of asthma due to the disruption of the NO pathway and increase leukotriene in SCD. This further increases the morbidity of SCD patients. This essay will thus discuss whether paracetamol should be used in children with SCD and asthma.

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