The Register of the Qurʾānic Narratives SFL-based preliminary observations on Q19 (41-50)

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Zaid Alamari


A text is an instance of a particular ‘register’, Halliday states.   Because text carries indications of its context, it is possible, then, to reconstruct out of it (text) certain features of the situation in which it is produced.  Accordingly, the register, being a configuration of semantic features typically associated with the contextual variables of field, tenor and mode, can be established. The aim of this study is to construct the context of situation of a short text (an instance of language) of the Qurʾānic story of Abraham in Q19 (41-50). This pericope represents but a sample of Abraham story told in different sūras of the Qurʾān; and as instance of language (text) in a context of situation, this story belongs to a register of narratives on prophetic stories which subject matter revolves about ‘monotheism’ as propagated by the Qurʾān.  This study reports preliminary observations on some features of the Qurʾānic narratives register.

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