A Multi-Centre Interview-Based Study to Explore Environmentally Sustainable Skin Surgery Practices in the UK

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Andrew Zhao
Simon Tso


Skin surgery is a significant contributor to carbon emissions in dermatology. In this interview-based study, we explored clinicians’ experience of environmentally sustainable skin surgery practices. Seven of 12 invited site leads in the UK took part in semi-structured 1:1 online synchronous or online asynchronous interviews. Field notes from online synchronous interviews and texts from online asynchronous interviews were analysed using descriptive thematic analysis. Three broad themes emerged from the data: (1) preparedness for environmentally sustainable skin surgery, (2) barriers and (3) facilitators to engage with environmentally sustainable skin surgery. Our study findings have provided contexts and potential explanations for our related study’s findings on why some sites lacked access to reusable skin surgery instruments and recycling bins. Developing sustainability leadership and culture will promote engagement with sustainable skin surgery practices.

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